What To Consider When Looking For Abbotsford Houses For Sale

Buying A House?

This is probably one of the biggest decisions in your life. It is a serious financial commitment and one of your most important investments. A lot of people have been looking at Abbotsford houses for sale because of a number of reasons. If you are looking for a home in British Columbia, here is why you should keep Abbotsford on your radar.

Abbotsford is situated in Fraser Valley, a lovely part of British Columbia. If you enjoy views of the mountains, the city will not disappoint. Looking east, you get wonderful views of Mount Baker, and to the north, you see the Coast Mountains and Golden Ears. These mountains create a beautiful backdrop for the city that is sure to add enjoyment to your daily life.

Abbotsford vs Vancouver

Compared to Vancouver, Abbotsford is not as big or as metropolitan, but you get the benefit of not getting caught up in the traffic or the congestion of a big city. There is enough diversity in Abbotsford in terms of culture. The residential areas are growing, and the city amenities are ever increasing to serve the growing population. If you want excitement from a big city or want to go on the town to enjoy night life, Vancouver is only an hour away by car. You can shop to your heart’s content, have a great time, then come back to wind down in your peaceful home in Abbotsford.

The weather throughout the year is very nice. There are no extremes; winters do not get too cold, even with the snow, and summers do not get too hot. The city is near a number of parks, so if you enjoy outdoor activities, you will have plenty of venues to choose from. In addition, you are just a couple of hours away from the resort town of Whistler.
Residents in Abbotsford enjoy convenient shopping, a great hospital, good schools, and local amenities that enhance your life there. Amenities and improvements continue to be added, making Abbotsford a great place to live.

You can peruse the real estate listings (fraservalleyrealestate.com/abbotsford – abbotsford homes) when you are looking for Abbotsford houses for sale. This will give you an idea of the price ranges. However, nothing replaces the service of a realtor who is familiar with the area. The real estate agent can tell you specifics about a neighborhood that you are interested in. Therefore, spend some time looking for the right agent.

If you have a spouse, you should sit down and discuss home buying together. Talk about the things that are important to your selection of a house. How close do you need to be to a good school? How close do you want shopping to be? Think about the size of the house that you need. Are you planning to expand your family? If so, buying a home that is large enough to accommodate the expansion would be ideal so that you will not have to move again when your family grows. Our Recommendation is to talk to Sarah Holtz – Abbotsford Realtor

A very important question is how much house you can afford. It is a good idea to start talking to lenders and be pre-approved for a home loan. This process will let you see how much mortgage you can really afford to pay per month. Sellers often look favorably on buyers who have been pre-qualified for a home loan because this reduces the chance of a deal falling through at the last minute because the buyer finds out that he cannot afford the house. Getting pre-approved for a loan will also help your realtor show you only houses that you can afford. This will prevent any time wasted perusing homes that are out of your range of affordability.

The realtor can arrange for a tour of homes that you are interested in. When touring a house, he can point out features that fulfill your criteria. Your realtor is an expert in visually evaluating a home, so he can also point out things in a house that you should watch out for. The expertise of the realtor is invaluable.

As you are walking through a house, try to imagine your family living there. Does the configuration of the rooms fit your family’s needs? Consider what your family activities are inside the house. For example, if your family members like to congregate around the kitchen to talk or to do things, you might want a kitchen that has an open configuration. Are there enough bathrooms for the members of your family? If you can imagine your family living there, you can see if the house fits your needs.

Looking for Abbotsford houses for sale will take time, so be patient. With the help and advice from your realtor, you are sure to find the perfect home for your family. And if end’s up not being in abbotsford you can look for more locations at fraservalleyrealestate.com

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